Proteus 2022

We would like to thank all the teams that took part in 2022/23

The 2022/23 Proteus Innovation Competition was a huge success. We continue to see submissions and pitches that impress our judges more and more each year. We thank all participants and congratulate the winners for an outstanding competition. We are pleased to award over $25k in prizes to the winners listed below.

2022/23 Winners

Congratulations to the following competition winners who received $5k cash prizes and the opportunity to license the technologies:

Western University Winners

Team I-RNA
Jack Elkas
Laura Mejia Torres
Eric Zi Rui Wang
Jennifer Polus

Waterloo Logo

University of Waterloo Winners

Team LacSensor
Selvin Leenus
Bowen Ma
Ilias Ettayebi
Alvin Leenus

U of Guelph Logo

University of Guelph Winners

Team: Wonder Metal
Akshad Kunder
Ghida Hamoud

University of Windsor Winners

Team: L-ion Textiles
Daniela Carbonari
Amy Wang (Jing Bo)
Rimika Sachdeva

McMaster University Winners

Team: Solar Medical Solutions
Francis David  
Nicole Angelica Lucena          
Adrian Lee      
Sabrina Stashin          
Jasper Isip

ProteusIC Logo

Audience Choice Award Winners

Team: Gasch and Li
Jinse Li
Adam Gasch   

2022/23 In Review

Individuals across 5 technologies

Teams registered

Teams passed Stage 1

Teams passed Stage 2